An Irreverent Guide To Austin

austin, tx

1. Austin is proudly not like the rest of Texas. And, yes, Austin is proudly Texan. Get over that conundrum and you will fit right in. We don’t necessarily like the rest of Texas all that much, but we certainly despise out-of-state visitors insulting anything about the great state we live in.

2. Austin is hot, often. For many months of the year it is just ridiculous to be outside, unless you are swimming or drinking iced-tea or cold, cold beer. The best way to be noticed as an outsider is to comment or complain about the heat.  We know. It’s hot.

3. Driving in Austin is horrible and gets worse each day. Add rain, a football game, or an armadillo in the road, and things get ridiculous. Also, know that pedestrians have no rights. Be warned. And, of course in Austin, as in the entire state of Texas, it is against the law to use a turn signal. A turn signal may distract other drivers, causing them to stop in the middle of the road, so it is best to not advertise your intentions to turn or change lanes.

4. Learning roads and place names is required, but won’t come easy. Make a note that Mopac IS Loop 1; no one calls it Loop 1, though. Similarly, Capital of Texas Hwy is 360, and Research is 183. 2222 is Northland or Allendale or Koenig, depending on what part of 2222 you are talking about. 290 is Ben White, but there are two 290 exits on I-35, and one of which is 2222 (which, as mentioned earlier, is Northland, Allendale and Koenig). Don’t try to figure it out. Just accept it. Also, listen to how words like Guadalupe and Manchaca are pronounced. Yep, odd. But don’t try to change it.

5. Austin is eternally casual. Tattoos and shorts are common, everywhere. The rich might have dreadlocks and nose-rings. “Keep Austin Weird” is a local motto and clothing is no exception. You can wear cowboy boots, but you’ll be surrounded by high tops, flip-flops, and bare feet.

austinmusic6. Music, music, music. 365 nights a year the clubs in Austin are alive with working musicians. From country-swing to power-pop, jazz to rap, we offer a loving variety of sounds. Be sure to visit a live venue, tip the players and staff, and sit back and enjoy what we refer to as paradise.

Source: Stanford Texas Club


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