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questionperson1. Texas Property Tax Loans are available for any taxable real estate, undeveloped or not, on the condition the property is reasonably maintained. The loans cannot be made for and personal property, such as a car or household items, but any residential, commercial or investment property is eligible.
2. Maintaining taxes on several properties can be simplified by combining them into one loan.
3. Even if your property loan is from past years, Texas Property Tax Loans can cover the delinquent tax, penalties, interest charges, and any fees that could have been applied from collection attempts on past due taxes
4. Initially, loans are only available for delinquent taxes. Any time thereafter, Texas Property Tax Loans can pay your taxes to avoid delinquency.
5. Even if you have an existing loan with another property tax lender, you could be approved for a Texas Property Tax Loan.
6. Texas Property Tax Loans are only available for property taxes in Texas.
7. Your tax loan payment will include the principal (Initial amount borrowed), and the interest to the lender.
8. Even with past bankruptcies or credit problems, you can be approved for a Texas Property Tax Loan.
9. If you show sufficient income for repayment, your Texas Property Tax Loan can be completed within three business days.
10. You will need to provide your social security and driver’s license numbers, in addition to any mortgage, insurance and bank information for loan applications. These are necessary for IRS requirements as well as federal and state statutes. We do not conduct credit reports, and confirm title prior to loan approval.

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Pay Your Property Taxes Before Jan. 1

As all of you know, it’s property tax time once again.  If you have already paid your taxes, you need not read any further.  If you have not paid them, know that paying them before the end of the year means you can write them off on this year’s tax return.

A property tax loan can take care of this immediately without hurting your wallet.  A loan ensures that your taxes are taken care of, you don’t suffer from increases in interest, charges, and penalties, and you start the new year off right. Find out how easy it is today!