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Pay Your Property Taxes Before Jan. 1

As all of you know, it’s property tax time once again.  If you have already paid your taxes, you need not read any further.  If you have not paid them, know that paying them before the end of the year means you can write them off on this year’s tax return.

A property tax loan can take care of this immediately without hurting your wallet.  A loan ensures that your taxes are taken care of, you don’t suffer from increases in interest, charges, and penalties, and you start the new year off right. Find out how easy it is today!




Happy Halloween!

Want a REAL scare?  Don’t pay your property taxes on time and get charged a fortune in penalties and interest by the county.  Don’t worry, Hunter-Kelsey of Texas is your guardian angel this Halloween, and whenever you need us year-round.  Call now and we’ll give you a loan to ward off evil spirits and save you money.  One of our loan officers is eagerly awaiting your call 855-490-6670