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University of Texas Tower

The Austin skyline has changed tremendously over the years but the, UT Austin Tower is the one landmark every weary traveler cranes his neck to spot on the horizon in order to know he’s close to home.UTTower

The 307-foot tall tower was designed by Paul Cret of Philadelphia, was completed in 1937 and with the lighting expertise of Carl J. Eckhardt Jr., this edifice has become the traditional visual spokesman for the university. When the tower is flooded in full orange you know that U.T. reined victorious over Texas A&M University.  There are other worthy reasons for this kind of lighting, like Commencement or other events that the president feels the need to celebrate with this honor.  Sometimes lights are left on in offices on certain floors that convey football scores or rankings in divisions. Nothing pleases a Longhorn fan more than to see the tower bathed in orange and lit up with an immense number one.UTcele

For an up close and personal view of the tower, the UT Tower’s observation deck is open for tours.  This historic building has recently been remodeled and reopened to the public after a 30-year closure!  To check out the amazing panoramic views of the city, and learn about the building’s history, you will need to make reservations through the Texas Union Information Center.  For more information go to: